The Pastel Axanthic “Thing”

I posted pics of this beauty as she started to change colors on my Facebook Page and the most recent pic I posted went somewhat viral! (atleast for my humble page)  Resulting in over 300k views and 3k+ shares in only a few days.  WOW!

Since I have yet to figure out the genetics of this beauty a few folks have playfully called her a “Stormtrooper” which I think is super fitting as I’m a huge fan!  So until the genes are figured out I think that’s a great pet name for her!

Some helpful info!

  1. This is NOT just a nice Pastel Axanthic (there is another gene going on or it is a fluke)
  2. If it’s not a fluke, a best guess is that the parents carry a recessive gene, something like Desert Ghost along with Pastel and Axanthic.
  3. I’m performing breedings this year (2016 Season) to see if I can figure it out.
  4. Since I’m asked very often, everything has a price so I would reluctantly consider selling her, offers less than 5 digits sadly would NOT be considered.

The video tells the tale but here is also the pic that got several folks talking!

Thanks for watching, enjoy, and I’ll def keep posting updates!

Pastel Axanthic HUH