The “Stormtrooper” is going to the darkside!

For the previous blog post about this CRAZY looking ball python see my post HERE!

"Darkside Stormtrooper"

The “Stormtrooper” continues to impress!

As crazy as it sounds this is the VERY same animal I posted previously and took a YOUTUBE VIDEO of!  Things have DEFINITELY changed as this animal has grown!"Stormtrooper" before the change

For awhile now I’ve had some weird things floating around in my collection which cause a few of my animals with Pastel and Axanthic to gain melanin (turn darker/black) in certain areas as they age where they normally are white/grey.  I dubbed the first animal “Darkness”.Darkness

Other instances where this weird color change has appeared is in combos, which I have playfully dubbed “dirty” in the name of the combo.  As seen here with a “Dirty” Firefly Axanthic."Dirty" Firefly SK Axanthic

So what does the future hold for this combo?

Hopefully more of them!  I’m excited to see the “Darkside Stormtrooper” adult one day next to a regular “Stormtrooper” for sure!  And also hoping above all hope I can hatch more of these beauties in the near future and understand what exactly is going on genetically 🙂  Until then….enjoy! 😀