REWARD for your help!

I’ll try to make this short….I need your help!

Missing Snakes

I have 2 animals that were sold in November of 2017 that are currently part of a fraud investigation and I need your help finding them. 

The exact animals are pictured above in the “Reward” photo; a Firefly SK Axanthic and a Fire SK Axanthic, both females.

I was contacted through MorphMarket and the animals were purchased with a credit card and shipped to a residential address in Chicago. Since that point in time a dispute has been filed on the charges and the funds taken while a full investigation is underway by the credit card company.  Several pics of these details are at the bottom of this blog post.

This same “buyer” purchased from another well known breeder in the industry through MorphMarket as well but shipped to a different residential address in the Chicago area.

If you or anyone you know has or sees these animals being offered for sale please contact me directly via email or cell ( 319-423-9987).

Anyone who is able to provide information leading to return of the animals or the closure of the dispute in our favor along with information which can be used to press charges I will gladly give a $500 credit good towards any purchase.

Thank you in advance for your help!

MorphMarket Email

redacted fed exredacted receiptMissing Firefly Axanthic cell pic