JD Constriction Q&A

We routinely get some of the same questions from potential customers and new folks to the ball python hobby so we thought it would be best to pull together some of those questions and our answers for a one stop shop of some helpful info!

What do you have available?

Our entire availability is listed on MorphMarket.
New animals require 6-8 weeks after hatching before they are ready to ship to allow for shedding, consumption of egg yolk, adjustment to their new out of egg environment, and most importantly becoming established feeders.

Can I get a picture?

Yes and No.
For new hatchlings we take a clutch picture following hatching before we move them into their individual cages. From that point on our priority is getting them feeding and disturbing them as little as possible to ensure they get started on regular feeding. Following getting them established feeding (6-8 weeks from hatching) we can provide pictures within reason. During the interim if you are interested in putting down a deposit to hold them prior to them feeding let us know. Routinely we have customers wanting to ensure they get a particular animal and not want to wait. As such holds/purchases are on a first come, first serve basis following payment/deposit.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is per our terms and conditions to your nearest Fed Ex Center (www.fedex.com/locate use “dangerous goods” filtering) via Priority Overnight shipping Monday thru Wednesday for pickup the following day.
We look at weather typically on Sundays and make plans for shipments that week at that time.  We coordinate shipping dates with you based on weather locally, at the layover hubs, and also at your destination as well as what we can accommodate with our personal schedule.
We personally drop packages off at our Fed Ex Airport hub the evening of shipping (5pm-9pm CST). Tracking info is provided via email through the Fed Ex system when we book the shipment which is typically sent out around 8pm CST the day of shipping.
Shipments are available the next morning at your local hub typically within 30 minutes of the hub opening for the day (assuming no delay in shipping)

What are your hatchlings eating?

We offer our hatchlings a mix of live rat pups or hopper mice that weigh 20-25g for a first meal and require a bare minimum of 3 consecutive meals before we feel comfortable shipping. We do supplement frozen thawed as needed based on our live availability but while an animal may eat FT in our environment with our quality of rodents from our rodent supplier it may not do the same for you in your environment with your rodent supplier. As such we unfortunately can’t guarantee or only offer FT feeding.
We do however provide a checklist with every shipment which highlights feeding recommendations. This includes our recommendation to offer a live small mouse/hopper for a first meal in a new home to help establish a baseline prior to offering an alternate prey item. This is due to the amount of movement and odor in a small mouse compared to other prey items which will more likely will trigger a feeding response in a new home.  The most important thing for your new pet is husbandry which includes feeding them what works best for them, which isn’t always what works best for you. Every animal is unique but they all adapt well if you are patient and work with them as we routinely feed our older animals frozen thawed.

What is the temperament of your hatchlings?

Hatchling ball pythons generically are all extremely similar.  The world is new to them and they are afraid of everything in it.  However ball pythons as adults, especially those that have been handled regularly throughout their life, end up being amazingly docile pets.
Expect to work with a new ball python for 6 months to a year and as they mature you will find they become extremely docile pets.  It is definitely a labor of love and patience much like any other pet and as such takes time.  We handle our animals at least weekly for cleaning and even with that minimal handling we routinely bring adult animals to schools and daycares to teach children about reptiles.
If you are needing the most docile example you can find and aren’t willing to “train” a new hatchling I would recommend looking at picking up an older animal from someone who has kept them as a pet and raised them already.

What do you recommend for husbandry/setup/etc for my new snake?

We actually recommend doing research online on various caresheets for ball pythons.  There are several out there that are full of good information and when looking at multiple sources it becomes extremely helpful to get you started.
However if you have done your research and have specific questions we can address then please feel free to ask!

How does purchasing work?

Purchases are coordinated with us through email, phone, text, or direct messaging (FB, IG, etc).  When making a purchase on a specific animal we accept several different payment options but the most common is Paypal, quickly followed  by credit card.
With payment we then request customers fill out our order form page we provide you which will help us to collect all your information for coordinating shipping and managing your order.  Unfortunately animals cannot be reserved or put on hold without at least a deposit per our terms and conditions.

When will my new snake be ready to ship?

New hatchlings are typically ready in 4 to 6 weeks from hatching.  Some take longer depending on how quickly they absorb their egg yolk or how long it takes them to understand how to properly and regularly feed.  This timeline is extremely variable and has no implication on how an animal will be later in life.  We have seen animals that took longer than other clutch mates end up being better feeders and bigger just 6 months later after they “figured things out”.
We feed typically the middle of the week and perform inventory checks on weekends to see which animals may be ready to ship the following.  While we don’t mind the occasional checkup email or message on your new pet we unfortunately can’t provide frequent updates.  We will definitely let you know when they are feeding regularly and we are sure they are ready to goto you and their new home!  Thank you in advance for your patience!

What are your hours or when are you available?

JD Constriction is a 2nd job for us.  Currently we work day jobs during the week and are only available evenings or weekends depending on our personal schedule.  As such we are “usually” available 5pm to 9pm CST during the week and 9am to 5pm CST on weekends.
While we definitely try to provide the best customer service possible we do have a challenging balance of work, life, and snakes we have to perform.  As such please remember this when attempting to get a hold of us and recognize we may need some time to get back to you or may not be available during the times provided.  Thanks in advance for your patience!

I received my new snake! Now what?

In every shipment we provide a neat and handy “New Arrival Checklist” that highlights all the steps to get your ball python started.  This is our recommendation for how to best ensure your new pet makes a great transition into its new home.
Routinely we have customers contacting us and asking questions that are already answered on the checklist so please take the time to read and follow it.
Once setup in its new home it’s then time to enjoy your new pet!