Firebee Axanthic! (aka Fire Zebra Bee)

I’m super pumped to start seeing some of the wicked Axanthic combos I had hoped for┬áthis season start showing up! We are just getting into our hatching season and already I hit on not 1 but 2 Firebee Axanthics! From breeding a Firefly Axanthic to a Spider het Axanthic no less which is a 1 in 16 chance!Firebee Ax just out of the egg

I am excited to see how they will color up! The goal being of course to have as black and white a spider as an adult as possible while retaining as much contrast as possible. Bee Firebee SK AxanthicAxanthics tend to turn a light “grey” as they age and while the Killerbee Axanthics have a great dominant coloration as adults the “super pastel” causes alot of fading of the blacks making for less contrast. Contrast is where it’s at with Axanthics so the Firebee should be the first step towards making that white and black combination as an adult!

On top of the Firebee Axanthics we have been super lucky to also hatch some very nice Axanthic combos in the process. Not just awesome to do comparison photos but honestly great looking examples!

Bee Axanthic Combos

From top left then clockwise: Firebee Axanthic, Bee Axanthic, Killerbee Axanthic

Overall a VERY excited season with a new record number of clutches for us and some great pairings!  Keep an eye out for more fun stuff as we start seeing more things out of the eggs!